How Can You Create a Powerful Network On Linkedlin ?

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LinkedIn is the main professional networking tool today. Often at the forefront of our Google search results, this is our virtual business card. A personal and professional image that we must know how to master correctly, while remaining the best ambassadors of our company and developing our network. How to create a powerful network on LinkedIn ? Answer within this article !


Why should you be on LinkedIn ?

LinkedIn is a ”virtual business card’: this social network provides us with natural referencing. Indeed, we make ourselves professionally visible on Google, thus widening our visibility for a job or a collaboration.

You have to be active and this, regularly. Frequently published or reposted articles attract qualified traffic to our page and increase our conversion rate. Stimulate interest and add value by expressing your point of view, provoking debate and what is called ”call to action” (invite sharing, comments, and subscription to a newsletter…).

To promote the company thanks to its ”Company page”, on the one hand, and on the other hand thanks to the ”personal brand” of each team member present on the social platform. In other words, the personal pages are more valued and favoured than the company pages. From an individual point of view, allows to show his or her expertise. A piece of advice: stay as authentic as possible. Beware of nonsense !

LinkedIn is also and above all the possibility to extend your network with one click. And if possible, you can even go as far as a physical meeting or video call (social distancing obliges).

Finally, it is a particularly relevant tool to carry out competitive intelligence, to follow industries, inspiring personalities, news, to do content curation, to prospect, to recruit talents…

There’s something for everyone – always with a professional perspective !



LinkedIn is a platform for exchanges, beyond the usual feed. Many groups are accessible. These constitute a real sharing of experiences and points of view and allow exchanges on professional themes. The relevance of your interventions will also demonstrate your expertise in the field concerned and will increase your professional credibility as well as your visibility on this social network.



Networking is above all the art of connecting, of being empathetic, of developing relationships, especially for professional purposes. It is about creating a real bond. No nonsense, at the risk of losing all credibility and legitimacy. So it’s about prioritizing – selecting carefully. In other words, do not accept or add just anyone to your LinkedIn network. Quality takes precedence over quantity !

Making contact with new people must be personalised and empathetic : How can I interest this or that person while respecting his or her time and overcoming the potential negative bias linked to the monumental quantity of founded or unfounded connection requests he or she may have already received ?

It all really comes down to a truly empathetic and sincere approach.


Being visible

In order to be visible on LinkedIn, in addition to actively maintaining your profile, it is essential to have an optimised profile. That is to say complete, accompanied by a professional photo of good quality, with a visible face.

Tip : work on your title. It has a lot of impact as it is the most highlighted in the LinkedIn algorithm and must contain the keywords that correspond to you. The same goes for the ”news” part. In short, two parts that must be highlighted.

LinkedIn highlights three exploitable levels, individuals as well as the possible “paths” that link one individual to another through their respective relational networks, which is already considerable!

By the way, LinkedIn members are growing in number. LinkedIn has grown from 610 million members in 2019 to 706 million members worldwide in 2020.

In Luxembourg, LinkedIn attracts 260,000 people every month. In France, the social network has more than 19 million registered members. It is estimated that there are more than 2 new members per second ! In September 2020, Switzerland had 3 170 000 users, which is 36.3 % of its total population. People aged between 35 and 54 accounted for 25.65% of usage, while those aged 25-34 years made up the largest user group 56.8% (1,800,000).

However, more than 30 million companies are registered on LinkedIn in 2020. It should be noted, however, that the percentage of really active users – those who connect regularly – is less intense.

Thus, the strength of LinkedIn lies in its growth and in the significant level of engagement of its users, i.e. their level of interaction. This engagement rate (on average 0.054% for LinkedIn – Source: Forrester Research, Inc.), increases the visibility of the individual profile on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn, a powerful network

To really take advantage of LinkedIn’s considerable potential, it is necessary to build your top-level network. The real power of the network is in the second tier, but to be able to reach these second and third tiers, we need the first tier contacts. The important thing is to connect with people you already know outside LinkedIn.


Here is our summary of how to get ahead :

  1. Your profile is visible, public and optimized.
  2. Build the first level of your LinkedIn network.
  3. Reconnect with old  contacts. Find former students and/or colleagues.
  4. Find out who has consulted our profile.
  5. Share information, jobs. Be active on a regular basis.
  6. Generate interest: Be yourself and offer your unique point of view, encourage discussion, interaction and engagement.
  7. Follow groups, take part in discussions: opportunity to position yourself as an expert in our sector. And make new relationships.
  8. Get to know the people in our network. Interact with them.
  9. Asking your contacts to introduce you is a great way to expand your digital network.
  10. Be aware that others also want to develop their network, get to know new people and exchange about their activities.
  11. Send out personalized invitations and select, target. Elevator pitch to take care of.
  12. Update your profile regularly.
  13. Professional recommendations are more than welcomed.
  14. Including links to Twitter account could be an asset.