Meet our recruitment consultant team in Luxembourg : Anne Domkam

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Anne 13



Anne is part of our Recruitment team since June 2019.

Here is her story.

Anne was born and raised in Cameroon, where she completed her graduate studies in Sociology. After her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Dschang, she flew to Luxembourg with a very precise idea in mind: to do her double Master’s degree in Sociology and Psychology specialised in Evaluation and Assessment at the University of Luxembourg. Anne explains that she has always been interested and fascinated by the human being: understanding how it functions, its reactions and interactions.

Thus, after her studies, and a short internship at INSIDE Research Unit, she started working for Adecco as an assistant in the recruitment of technical talent in digital, engineering and finance. And decided to stay in Luxembourg, a country she particularly enjoys.

Then, she  joined Altran as Talent Acquisition & HR Officer for digital and finance oriented profiles.

In June 2019, she joined  Edouard Franklin’s team, to our great delight. First as a Talent Acquisition Specialist and then as a Recruitment Consultant.

Anne is a very curious, attentive, funny and ambitious young woman, who is not afraid to work hard.  She draws her greatest inspiration from powerful women, rejecting all forms of mediocrity and valuing work well done. What’s more, she is passionate about finance and digital, and about her job.

We are happy to have her by our side. Beyond her technical skills and her beautiful personality, Anne is a model in many ways. Indeed, she has made herself up with the desire to become free and independent, a model of rapid adaptation to a new environment with the will to bring positive changes in her own way.