Job of the week : Project Manager in a Bank

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Project Manager

The project manager in a banking organisation conducts or coordinates projects involving organisational change, regulation and process improvement, with the aim of optimising the performance of the company in question.


Main missions

  • Pre-study or pre-project phase: beginning of the process, focused on analysis, formalisation and upstream planning. This involves taking into account the demand and the project’s broad outlines (needs analysis, identifying requirements, analysing the project’s objectives and drafting the functional specifications).
  • Development: defining and preparing future work (setting up the team, finalising the schedule, defining resources, allocating and planning tasks, etc.).
  • Execution: carrying out what has been previously planned with working sessions, meetings with stakeholders, intermediate validations, communication, team management, change management… Not forgetting participation in the steering committee and developments.
  • Finalization: transfer of data to your hierarchy and to the client, drafting of technical and functional documentation.



A 4/5 years of higher education is ideally required:

  • Business or engineering school.
  • Master’s degree specialised in organisation, project management or auditing.
  • 5 years’ higher education specialised in banking, finance, and law and completed by professional training in organisation.
  • Certification in project management (PMO, PMP, Scrum, etc.) often makes the difference compared to candidates without certification.

Required professional skills

  • Knowing the different professions in banking.
  • Mastering banking software packages and applications.
  • Possess a certification in project management (NTIC, BI, ECM, BPM, and TMA).
  • Mastering the conduct of meetings in a participative approach.
  • Possess banking skills in several areas (banking regulations, means of payment, credit, accounting, banking operations, organisational risk, value analysis, etc.).
  • Mastery of organisational techniques and the main tools (Pareto and Ishikawa diagrams, 5M, flowcharts, etc.).
  • Strong background in IT: mastery of planning tools (GANTT, PERT…).


Salary (fixed) in Luxembourg

  • Project manager (3-5 years): 60-70K
  • Senior project manager (6-10 years old): 70-95K
  • Head of Project Management: €110-135K

Salary (fixed) Switzerland

  • Project manager (3-5 years): 80- 90KCHF
  • Senior Project Manager (6-10 years): 90 – 130KCHF
  • Head of Project Management: 130 – 190KCHF


Career development

A bank project manager has a number of career options, both as a project manager (MOE) and as a project manager (MOA). Positions as project manager, director or mission consultant are available to bank project managers. This position therefore requires a perfect knowledge of functionalities, technique and management to analyse the client’s needs and manage the deployment project, but also and above all a mastery of new technologies to properly supervise a team of IT specialists, developers and to be respected for it.